When customers engage with brands they soon become advocates. Over the years I've created numerous comms and experiences that engage customers and deepen the bond with the brands they love.
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Volkswagen – Content
Volkswagen asked us create a series of 'How to' videos to show new owners how to use their car's features.
Instead of creating a standard technical video, we wrapped the messaging up into a fun, relatable story. 
The fun narrative meant that viewers watched multiple videos from the series instead of just the one that brought them to the channel. And, more importantly, the play count was up multiple times the last version of the films.
Volkswagen – Podcast
Volkswagen tasked us with creating a reason for people to keep interacting with the brand beyond the first year of ownership.
I pitched the idea for a car podcast that wasn't so much about cars but more about how we use them in our day to day lives.
I saw the project through from ideation through to completion, including: podcast structure, writing themes, research, writing intro's and outro's, writing rough scripts (it was meant to be off the cuff, not heavily scripted), casting, editing, branding, etc.
The client was so happy with the final result it changed from a podcast exclusive to owners to the official Volkswagen Podcast available to everyone.
Volkswagen – Content
Volkswagen wanted to stop customers from fleeing to cheaper competitors after their free service period finished.
But when you're not cheaper or more convenient how do you prove your the best? Our insight – 'No one knows your car like we do, because we built it'. 
To be the most knowledgeable you need to be driven. So, I created two characters who are so determined to be the number 1 Volkswagen technician that they'll stop at nothing to out-do the other. It's fun, playful and demonstrates Volkswagen's commitment to excellence all in one.
Caroma – Experiential
Caroma approached us to help design a unique experience to showcase their products at the Bunnings Expo. It had to beautifully present all their brands and demonstrate how they 'flowed' together.
With hundreds of retailers all hawking their wares at the expo, we needed to do something different to be memorable to our audience.
Based on the idea of 'Rhythm of flow', attendees of the expo were drawn to the space by a fun/unique and immersive performance with the Caroma products centre stage.
With the help of a song writer, we wrote and created a song made from the sounds of actual Caroma products which served as the backing track to a live performance. We created a brand video to keep the crown excited and engaged, designed the entire set and stage, and I even wrote the speech.

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